In complete harmony with nature and inspired by the history of the wider area, Marathon Eco Stay welcomes its guests to a unique place, which combines the luxury of marble and the grandeur nature of Marathon.

In a land of 15,000 acres at the foothills of Pentelikon Mount, Marathon Eco Stay stands discretely in the arms of nature. It is an exceptional concept of staying far from the buzz and fast pace of the city.

The accommodation is consisted of 8 apartments of 60sqm, divided between ground floor and first floor. Each apartment has private terraces or 40sqm balconies overlooking the open skyline of Marathon and its lush mountains. The direct access to the garden, the crops, the handmade and sunlit patio set, the ancient paths of the mountain with traces of the ancient aqueduct and the imposing ancient quarry will enchant you.

It is a year-round pole of attraction for a complete vacation experience. Explore the pathways among the gardens, as well as the vivid colors and fragrant smells of the decorative and aromatic plants. Taste the fruits from the fruitful trees and the bio vegetables from our bostani.

The most important part of Marathon Eco Stay’s philosophy is based on the importance of warm hospitality, a distinguished feature of Greece since antiquity. Guests will experience the friendly and professional attitude of the owners, who will welcome you with all their heart and indulge you into the local culture.

The unique location of Marathon Eco Stay, next to the start line of the Athens Authentic Marathon, establishes it as the ideal starting point for excursions and activities, which bring guests in contact with the nature, art and history of this emblematic land.


The word “marble” is interpreted by the ancient greek verb “marmairo” which means “shine”. Greek marbles are established in the world and are part of our culture. This unique element of nature is a jewel, which can be placed in every space.

The personal interest of a family for its land of origin in combination with its passionate occupation with marble over four generations have led to the creation of a bioclimatic lodging, at the foothills of Pentelikon Mount, made mostly of marble.

Needless to say, at this exact spot is where the white marble of Marathon was mined from antiquity. A stone’s throw away, you will find the small ancient quarry where this marble was mined. At Marathon Eco Stay’s patio set, you will find the old-fashioned tools that will help you understand the old marble mining.

Marathon Eco Stay has been personally built by its owners with antique marbles such as the Pentelikon (Parthenon, Acropolis), Epidaurus (Ancient Theater) and Mycenae, giving a new form of life to the historical material through mosaics, floors, stairs and sculpture, always with respect to the environment.

While using traditional methods and molding the local gold-yellow marble of Kapandriti, they decorated the exterior and enriched the gardens with decorative and handmade items. The sunlit sitting area of the garden will enchant you with handmade mosaics and marble tables, 40 years old artworks with elaborate bases.

A visit to the marble factory still preserved by the family, will give you a wonderful and invaluable, handmade souvenir from the Pentelic marble of the Parthenon (Acropolis) as an unforgettable greek memory.


Marathon Eco Stay is a standard bioclimatic structure that operates with renewable energy sources, such as geothermal heating and cooling via an underfloor system producing the least possible pollution to the environment.

The lodge is operated daily using energy-saving lamps (LED) in all indoor and outdoor places, A++ energy class appliances, antiallergic, handmade mattresses, with aloe vera, memory foam and natural ventilation, “Pennie” luxury linens of exceptional quality, natural cotton and personal, herbal, hygiene products. The Husqvarna Automower moves extremely quietly (58dB) across the grass, lubricating it naturally and giving a lush green effect.

The fertile land of Marathon Eco Stay, with an area of 10 acres, includes ancient olives dominated by Agrielia, because it is located at the foot of the mountain, as well as citrus fruit trees, imposing cypress trees, vegetable botanicals, ornamental plants and herbs.

Fruitful trees, fertile, pristine soil, gardens of aromatic herbs and flowers have been formulated to fit in the local climate of the area, resulting in a minimal need for water. All these make Marathon Eco Stay stand out for its eco-friendly character and the ultimate goal is to make it, as much as possible, a stand-alone and independent unit.

Guests can experience moments of serenity and relaxation in nature, while enjoying the comforts of a great stay. Through the activities organized by Marathon Eco Stay, they also have the opportunity to experience the natural and cultural heritage of Marathon and gain authentic experiences, with ecological view.

Taste the rich local dishes of Marathon, hike in the lush landscapes and enjoy the magnificent views and nature. Marathon Eco Stay participates in various historical, cultural and athletic activities, connected to its area and specially designed for visitors who want to get to know the local culture and its history.


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