On Marathon, there are many amateur and professional trekking teams, which organize hiking in various natural paths which are maintained clear and accessible.

Feel the unique sensation of contributing to the environment and the nature of Marathon and follow the teams to their routes. You will definitely feel like the locals.

You can also find on your own some of the well- signaled ancient paths of the area and get to know historical sites, as well as the special flora and fauna of this land.


Schinias pine forest – Birdwatch tower (3.5 miles)

Olympic Rowing Center – Wetland (6.8 miles)

Olympic Rowing Center – Marathon Tomb (10.8 miles’)

Oinoi tower – Marathon dam (5 miles)

Kinosoura – Schinias pine forest (1.3 miles)

* You can ask us for a local guide, if you would like.

-All year is suggested, except the days of intensive weather conditions in winter and the very hot period of summer-